Activity - How to add new activity under a scaffoldtag

Does the API allows adding activities programmatically to an existing scaffold tag?


Hello Asfar. Yes, this is pretty easy to do. Snippet in C# below.

        // First get the scaffold you want
        ScaffoldTag scaf = ScaffoldTag.GetScaffoldTag("TAGNUMBER");

        // Create a new activity, pass ID of scaffold
        ScaffoldTagActivity act =ScaffoldTagActivity.NewScaffoldTagActivity(scaf.ScaffoldTagID);

        // FIll in details here
        // Check act.BrokenRulesCollection to what's up if it's not valid

        // Save if valid
        if (act.IsSavable)

excellent. Many thanks!

You’re welcome! Just an FYI as well, we are currently under development of an Excel Importer that will allow you to fill out an Excel spreadsheet, click a button to log in, and have the activities mass imported. Will have full data validation as well.

Great. will there be also API documentation at some stage to guide us instead of just guessing or asking in the forum?

Yes, one day we will have full API documentation. For now though we try to answer questions here as fast as possible. Just let us know what you’re looking to do and we can give you code snippets.

Can we modify or add fields to the Excel Importer tool?