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Sample C# Project

This is a sample C# project that logs into Quantify and lists all of the jobsites in a console window. It also lists all of the users in Quantify. To use this project, unzip it and open the solution in Visual Studio 201…

6 February 20, 2020
End-User Report Designer

You can download the end-user report designer using the link below. Please post all questions to the site here and we’ll get back with you on solutions. End User Documenta…

10 January 30, 2020
Data Validataion and Broken Rules

This topic discusses data validation, how and when to save objects, and what to do if items aren't valid. First you should check to see if your objects need to be saved by evaluating the property .IsSavable. The code b…

6 October 2, 2019
Sample VB.NET Project

This is a sample VB.NET project that logs into Quantify (latest version 7.2.1088.170) and lists all of the jobsites in a console window. To use this project, unzip it and open the solution in Visual Studio 2013 or Visua…

6 October 2, 2019
Welcome to Quantify API

This site is for general discussions and comments on the usage of the API that's built into Avontus Quantify. Feel free to create an account and log in to ask questions on the usage of our robust .NET API that you can us…

6 October 2, 2019
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Get Shipping Street, Zipcode, City, State, County, Country from the jobsite of an invoice 2 September 17, 2019
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Active Directory 3 June 27, 2019
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